NOYOLO aims to help poor people by selling amazing merchandise. 10% of every sale goes to deserving people. NOYOLO helps people grow through Technology.

What NOYOLO means?

NOYOLO can be best described as “No you don’t live once”. We at NOYOLO believe that everything in this world will come to an end one day. We think that everyone in this world has a right to live life to its full and everyone should enjoy the basic human rights.¬†Unfortunately many people are naturally deprived of these human rights. We also have a firm belief that there are many people who are naturally blessed with more than they need and they really want to help the former people but they do not have the proper channel to help and these people have a fear that their money can reach wrong hands, to a Mafia or can be used in some wrong purpose.

Solution: NOYOLO provides a platform where donors can buy amazing products while donating a percentage of every sale to the deserving people. We aim to provide donors an end-to-end transparent system in which they can see where or to whom their money is going.

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